JARDUM.core is a configurable software product that runs on Murphy by Enovation Controls displays. Built in PowerVision, we eliminated many of the problems with developing custom HMI for rugged applications.  Our product allows users to configure directly on the screen for off the shelf functionality.

JARDUM.core is included with every supported display hardware from JARDUM and can be licensed to run on Murphy hardware obtained from other distributors. 

Problem with PowerVision

  • Fully featured configurations can sometimes take months to develop
  • Difficult to manage bug fixes and hardware variants

Build a Better Config

  • Work on multiple hardware types and market applications
  • Separate code from graphics
  • Maximize reuse
  • Customize from the screen

Target Hardware

PV500 - PV700 - PV780B - PV1100 - PV1200


One Project Folder

  • One place for making bug fixes
  • Single config for all hardware
  • Screen Objects rearrange, scale, show/hide based on part number

On Screen Customization

Configurable PDM

Export Settings


Here to Help

Contact JARDUM about how you can integrate JARDUM.Core software in your application.