At JARDUM, we have developed a unique system specifically for small boat builders and skilled installers. Our system take the complexity out of building an integrated vessel control system while still giving you the flexibility to customize to your application. Most features work out of the box and customization can be done in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. 

In addition to all of our standard features like engine monitoring, maps, cameras and stereo we've packed it with the following tow sport specific features (requires PDM and GPS ZO Puck):

  • Available in 4.3", 7", 10.6" and 12.3" displays
  • Zero Off cruise control
  • Profile manager - Preload factory profiles and let users save and name their custom sport profiles
  • Factory and Dealer Setup Pages with Password Protection
    • Make features into optional upgrades
    • 0-3 Ballast tank control with over-current protection
      • Selectable fill and empty times
    • 0-3 Tab actuator control
      • Setup from our library of tabs
  • Configurable digital switching control
    • Select over current settings and eliminate fuse and relay boxes


Engine Page

Vessel Control 

Custom Profiles 




Contact us to get started building your custom system.